Enameled Cca Wire Inspection

  •  Regardingenameled cca wire, old irons must not be unfamiliar. It is common in the fields of household appliances, motor dashboards and communication equipment. Because of its application in this industry chain, the performance of enameled wire should be considered in the design of electrical products. Regulations, production and processing regulations, and operation regulations After the goods are manufactured, in order to better reduce the failure of the customs, I think it is necessary to carry out independent inspections within the enterprise, in order to better improve the quality of the crystal production, prevent and reduce the failure of the customs , To deal with unqualified elements in the processing process.

     Then everyone must ensure three points: 1. Watch diligently, 2. Check frequently, and 3. Check frequently. Carry out inspections on three commodities that have been developed to different levels, 1. finished products, 2. semi-finished products processing, and 3. products in progress.
       1. Check whether the specifications meet the requirements and whether the surface is smooth on the specifications, models, specifications, and surface of the product. Moreover, when the winding wire operator connects the head, he should first open the specification of the bare wire. 3. A deeper level of discrimination is to use a small-size model to hold a wire firmly, pull it off, and touch it with your hand. For each thread, whether the surface is hairy or not, the hairiness indicates that the paint film of each thread is not very ductile. The large-size thread is folded up, and the bend is cracked. 4. After the goods are manufactured, employees can independently inspect.