Transportation And Inspection Of Winding Wire


    When it comes to winding wire, I believe everyone should understand. Today, everyone introduces a kind of cable to the old iron, namely copper enameled wire. Let us take a simple look at the transportation and storage of copper-clad aluminum wire, because if many cables are transported incorrectly, they are likely to be difficult to be used. Therefore, let us easily grasp the transportation and storage of copper-clad aluminum wire, so you can Have a stronger grasp of these aspects. The copper-clad aluminum wire tray was immediately pushed down from the car. Spools should not be transported and stored flat.

    After the copper enameled wire and accessories arrive on the spot, they should be tested immediately according to the following regulations:
    (1) The product technical documents are complete.
    (2) The model specification, specification model and length of the production line should comply with the order information requirements, and the accessories should
    Detailed; the appearance of the route cannot be destroyed.
    (3) The sealing end of the pipeline should be centered. When there are any doubts about the appearance inspection, the moisture content
    Identify or detect.