Introduction Of Aluminum Enameled Wire Painting

  • Painting is the process of coating the enamelled wire paint on the metal conductor to form a uniform paint layer with a certain thickness. This is related to several physical phenomena of liquids and painting methods.

    Viscosity When the liquid is flowing, the molecules collide with each other to make the molecules of one layer move with the molecules of the other layer. Due to the mutual force, the molecules of the latter layer hinder the movement of the molecules of the previous layer, thus showing the movement of the molecules. Hysteresis, which is called viscosity. Different painting methods and different wire specifications have different requirements for the viscosity of the paint. The viscosity is mainly related to the molecular weight of the resin. The molecular weight of the resin is large, and the viscosity of the paint is large. It is used to paint thick lines, because the mechanical properties of the paint film obtained with a large molecular weight are better. Low-viscosity ones are used for coating thin wires. The resin's molecular weight is small and it is easy to coat evenly and the paint film is smoother. There are molecules around the molecules inside the surface tension liquid, and the gravitational force between these molecules can reach a temporary equilibrium. On the one hand, a layer of molecules on the surface of the liquid receives the gravitational force of the liquid molecules, and its force points to the depth of the liquid. On the other hand, the gas molecules are attracted by the gravitational force of the gas molecules, but the gas molecules are smaller and farther apart than the liquid molecules. Therefore, the molecules on the surface of the liquid are attracted by the gravitational force inside the liquid, causing the surface of the liquid to shrink as much as possible to form a bead shape. In the geometric shape of the same volume, the surface area of ​​the sphere is the smallest. If the liquid is not affected by other forces, it will always be spherical under the action of surface tension. According to the surface tension of the paint surface, the uneven surface has different curvatures everywhere, and the positive pressure at each point is unbalanced. Before entering the enameling furnace, the thick paint will flow to the thin part under the action of surface tension. The paint solution is uniform, and this process is called the leveling process. In addition to the leveling effect, the uniformity of the paint film is also affected by the effect of gravity, which is the result of the combined force of the two.


    After taking the Aluminum Enameled Wire out of the felt, there is a rounding process. After the wire is coated with lacquer and felt, the shape of the lacquer is olive-shaped. At this time, under the action of surface tension, the lacquer overcomes the viscosity of the lacquer and turns into a circle in an instant.