Knowledge Points Of Enameled Rectangular Aluminum Wire

  • enameled rectangular aluminum wire is a wire with aluminum core wire as the main body and a certain proportion of copper layer on the outside. Because this kind of wire is mainly used to transmit signals, the current flowing through it is very small. However, because the conductivity of aluminum is only 2/3 of copper, the national standard stipulates that all wires used for transmission of electrical energy must use metal-plated or metal-plated annealed copper wires as conductors. At the same time, be careful not to use aluminum wires as conductors.

    In the enameled copper strip, copper and aluminum are two metals with different electrode potentials. Copper and aluminum are exposed to the atmosphere on its end faces. If the humidity in the atmosphere is high, the end faces adsorb tiny water molecules and accumulate into tiny water droplets. Due to the presence of coal combustion products or exhaust gas from a large number of motor vehicles in the atmosphere, it contains SO2. SO2 is oxidized into SO3 in the air, and dissolved in small water droplets to form H2SO4 that corrodes the battery generated in the acid solution, and becomes an electrolyte solution, which corrodes the battery. In this corrosion battery, because the electrode potential of aluminum is low, it is easily corroded. Even if it is a piece of metal that is not in contact with other metals, it will cause corrosion similar to the above when it is placed in the electrolyte solution.