Introduction Of Enameled Copper Strip Performance

  • Performance and use of enameled copper strip

      1. Acetal enameled wire; thermal grade is 105 and 120, with good mechanical strength, adhesion, resistance to transformer oil and refrigerant.

       2. Polyester and modified polyester enameled wire, ordinary polyester enameled wire, thermal class is 130, after modification, the thermal class of enameled wire is 155. The product has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, scratch resistance, adhesion, electrical properties and solvent resistance. It is currently the largest product in my country, accounting for about two-thirds: it is widely used in various motors, Electrical appliances, meters, telecommunications equipment and home appliances; the weakness of this product is poor thermal shock resistance and low moisture resistance.

      3. Polyurethane enameled wire; thermal grade is 130.155.180. The biggest feature is that it has direct solderability, good high frequency resistance, easy coloring, and good moisture resistance. It is widely used in electronic appliances, precision instruments, telecommunications, and meters.

      4. Polyesterimide enameled wire, thermal class 180. This product has good thermal shock resistance, high softening and breakdown temperature, excellent mechanical strength, and good solvent and refrigerant resistance.

    1. Polyamide-imide composite layer enameled wire is a heat-resistant enameled rectangular aluminum wire widely used at home and abroad. Its thermal class is 200. This product has high heat resistance, and is also resistant to refrigerants, cold and radiation. And other characteristics, high mechanical strength, stable electrical performance, good chemical resistance and refrigerant resistance, and strong overload capacity. It is widely used in refrigerator compressors, air-conditioning compressors, electric tools, explosion-proof motors and motors and electrical appliances used under high temperature, high cold, radiation resistance, and overload conditions.