The Low Cost Of Enameled Aluminum Square Wire

  • We all know that enameled aluminum square wire is a new type of enameled wire that uses copper clad aluminum material as the inner conductor. It not only has the excellent conductivity of copper, but also the light weight of aluminum. In addition, the cost of copper material is more important. In the context of sharp price increases, aluminum enameled wires have lower manufacturing costs and higher cost performance, which has become a more prominent sign.

    In recent years, the status of the enameled wire industry in economic development has become more and more prominent, but because of the continuous increase in the price of electrolytic copper, the production of related copper wire raw materials and enameled wire manufacturers have brought a relatively large impact. . The new type of copper clad aluminum enameled wire has been able to replace pure copper enameled wire to a large extent through actual use, providing new business opportunities and markets for the development of the domestic enameled wire industry.

    Copper clad aluminum enameled wire can greatly reduce production costs. Compared with pure copper enameled wire, copper clad aluminum wire can reduce production costs by about 30% to 50% in some areas. It is more economical and can be equivalent to replacing pure copper in many fields. The enameled wire will certainly play a significant role in the development of the national economy and the reduction of manufacturing costs in related fields in terms of replacing pure copper and imported enameled wires.

    In general, enameled rectangular copper wire with higher cost performance will have a broader application space at present and in the future.