Introduction To The Characteristics Of Enameled Copper Strip

  •   enameled rectangular aluminum wire, the heat level is 130, and the heat level of the modified multi-strand enameled wire is 155. This product has high mechanical strength, outstanding elasticity, scratch resistance, adhesion, electrical function and solvent resistance. It is a product with a large output in my country, accounting for about two-thirds: it is widely used in various motors, Electrical appliances, appearance, telecommunications equipment and home appliances; the disadvantages of this product are poor thermal shock resistance and low moisture resistance.

    Multi-strand enameled wire is a word that does not appear in daily life. People who hear it at the beginning will feel that it is very vague. What you don't know is not terrible. The terrible thing is that there is no curiosity. Today copper multi-strand enameled wire manufacturers come to teach us a lesson. , Let’s talk about what kind of multi-strand enameled wire is.

      Multi-strand enameled wire refers to the metal wire used to wind the electromagnetic coil with insulating varnish as the insulating coating, also known as the electromagnetic wire. Multi-strand enameled wire is the primary raw material for electrical appliances, motors and household appliances, telecommunications, and electronic appearance electromagnetic windings. After joining the WTO, following the rapid development of industrial appliances, household appliances, telecommunications, electronic products, etc., the enameled copper strip has brought broader Market and application areas.