Bento takes complete advantage of the ATEM Constellation

  • Additionally, Bento takes complete advantage of the ATEM Constellation 8K’s MADI audio output through converting it to community primarily based audio. This permits for embedded audio indicators from the ATEM Constellation 8K’s SDI inputs to Rocket League Items be personally and bodily blended on real faders, completing a far off transmission ingest device with excessive audio and video high-quality.

    Beyond the Director/Technical Director’s ATEM Constellation 8K equipped computing device, Bento’s studio includes workspace for audio, replay, photos, sport management, video modifying, and transmission. Each station is equipped with multiple Micro Converters SDI to HDMI, supplying a software and a multiview feed from the ATEM Constellation 8K. Video playback is managed through the Director/Technical Director with a HyperDeck Studio Mini broadcast deck. Using a media encoder and File Transfer Protocol (FTP), all video belongings are encoded without delay to the HyperDeck Studio Mini’s SD card and recalled by clip number.

    Additionally, Bento’s studio Buy Rocket League Items is ready with replay machines, one with a single pair of I/O channels through DeckLink 4K Extreme capture card, and every other with 4 bidirectional channels thru DeckLink Duo 2 capture and playback card.