How To Avoid Corrosion Of Auminum Magnet Wire?

  •   To avoid electrochemical corrosion of aluminum magnet wire, the methods used include electroplating and copper-colored quick-drying paint.

      Electroplating method: refers to plating a layer of copper on the joints of ECCA wire, but it is a waste of time. However, it is not a big problem in the company that produces aluminum magnet wire, because multiple connectors can be electroplated together.

      Copper-coated quick-drying paint means that it dries within two minutes, and the color is appropriate to the copper. It is convenient for users who use aluminum magnet wire because users can cut the wiring at any part, and then apply quick-drying paint on the section to play a role in corrosion protection.

      In summary, do you understand the ways to avoid electrochemical corrosion of aluminum magnet wire?

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