What is weighing transducer

  •   Correctly fixing the weighing transducer to the support plate will limit accidental movement in the device. This aligns the weighing transducer with the load path, maximizing accuracy and preventing component damage.

      Always use the provided device hardware or other standard hardware approved by the manufacturer. Install all hardware in accordance with the specifications listed in the installation manual. Engage the fully threaded part of the bolt connecting the support plate. Next, apply an appropriate preload before allowing the system to support the full weight of the measured entity. If the bolts are not preloaded or maintained, the hardware may experience joint separation or fatigue failure. This may also cause the bolts to loosen themselves and eventually lead to the failure of the bolt connection.

      The connecting plate used to install the weighing transducer should be thick enough to have obvious thread engagement with the connecting hardware. If the board is thin, it will prevent the components from being properly secured.

      Apply torque to the hardware according to the specifications. Use lock nuts and other locking hardware to prevent loosening or separation of connections. Finally, do not allow the suspension system to rotate, as this may also loosen the hardware.

      Standard hardware should not be a weakness in the load path. Yield, shear, or fatigue failure may damage the load cell equipment. If the standard hardware may not be suitable for weighing transducer applications, please upgrade the hardware before starting the installation.

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