The weighing transducer needs to be highly sensitive to any cha

  •   Why is the sensitivity of the weighing transducer important?

      When making the machine as productive and profitable as possible, it is imperative to choose a weighing transducer with a higher sensitivity ratio. To ensure that your controller obtains the most accurate tension measurement results, weighing transducers need to be highly sensitive to any changes in the tension applied to it. A weighing transducer with higher sensitivity can perceive instant and small changes in tension through any noise that may interfere with it. This results in the application being more responsive and maintaining proper tension throughout the process, thereby maximizing productivity and profitability.

      This difference in performance makes your control system faster, more accurate, and more reliable.

      The sensitivity level will vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of weighing transducer itself. After determining which brand and type of weighing transducer are best for your application, you need to determine which size of the weighing transducer is best for your application. This is determined by the rated load of the weighing transducer. The rated load refers to the force you will exert on the load cell.

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