You Need to Know Single Point Load Cell Circuit


    Know single point load cell circuit is also known as a Wheatstone Bridge Circuit.

    Let us assume that a load cell sensor has four internal strain gauges i.e. A, B, C, and D as shown in the image above.

    The input voltage supplied by a signal conditioner or digital display is attached to the two opposite corners of the bridge i.e. C and D whereas, the output voltage is measured by joining the A and B resistors to the signal side of the digital display.

    When no load is applied to the load cell (Load=0), the circuit is said to be balanced. As soon as the load is applied to it, the strain gauge resistors will witness a change in its resistance, thereby altering the voltage flowing through the circuit.

    Hence, the voltage across A and B will change which will be displayed as the weight on the readout unit or the digital display.

    The output of the Wheatstone bridge or a load cell is an analogue data which is converted to readable units using an interpreter.

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