Path of Exile has been improved and bug fixed in this week's pa

  • Path of Exile received a considerable patch this week. Players will be happy to find a patch that fixes many bugs and crashes, and improves the performance of the game on PvP and Mac. Now you can POE Currency Buy to get better Sense of experience. Next time you start the game, the 3.13.1e patch should be automatically downloaded and installed by itself. Based on the patch notes posted on the Path of Exile website earlier this week, you can expect about 40 regular improvements and bug fixes to be implemented. Some of the bugs fixed this time are as follows:

        Certain monsters may not be harmed during the ritual encounter.
        "Do Not Disturb" mode will not display notifications such as domain restarts.
        If the trap or mine supports the sphere skill, the damage will be reflected to the player.
        Items in the silo map may fall into inaccessible areas.

    Some small features have also been added, such as the "Expand/Collapse All" button on the "Hidden Decoration" tab, and now you can add guild micro-transactions to your watch list. The Mac version of the game has also undergone some improvements. These include fixes for the inability to import or export hidden items, the client window buttons will no longer work after trying to import or export hidden items, and the bug that may cause the client to crash when the client window is resized. Now you can buy POE Chaos Orb to get more shocking skill weapons.

    Finally, the patch also includes the following PvP improvements:
        Fixed an error where the pre-made character build of Duelist was incorrectly named "The Whirlwind Blade" (now Double Strike).
        Searing Light’s attack time now exceeds three seconds.
        Fixed the passive tree where the pre-made Duelist roles were not fully assigned.
        Fixed a pre-made Templar character unable to equip Firestorm gems.

    Two fixes have also been added:
        The bug introduced in 3.13.1e has been fixed, which caused the Legion monsters to have no killing effect.
        The bug that the ritual ship sometimes could not store the map of Jungle Valley, the boss of the Great King, was fixed.