MUT 21 Veterans dropped for Wildcard Wednesday

  • Madden 21 Ultimate Team recently released Team Diamonds 2 and MUT Free Agency, but now there are five brand new MUT veterans available. MUT veterans are not a new promotion for Ultimate Team, but the five new players released for Wildcard on Wednesday are game changers for any team in Madden 21. Players can Buy Madden 21 Coins and then return to the game to buy powerful players.

    MUT Veterans were released as part of the "Wednesday Wildcard" and we saw two huge new player cards, which EA Sports allowed Muthead to reveal. Both Robert Griffin III and Josh Norman’s MUT veteran version of the cards were initially made public. There are five players with 95 OVR, but let’s take a look at each of them. One item and which data stand out most.

    Robert Griffin III (QB) 95 OVR
    Every good ultimate team needs a quarterback organizer, and MUT veteran RG III's "running and throwing ability" of 95 is definitely not a bad choice. He also scored 94 points in a short free throw percentage and 93 points in free throws under pressure, speed and game action.

    Josh Norman (CB) 95 OVR
    Josh Norman (Josh Norman) scored 94+ in five different statistics, among which the score of "Acceleration and Jump" (95) was 95. Norman also scored 94 points for speed, 94 points for agility, 94 points for news and 93 points for game cognition, thus achieving good results on the defensive end. Players can buy MUT coins in the market and acquire new players to attract as many players as possible.

    Randall Cobb (WR) 95 OVR
    The quarterback can only be as good as the receiver he threw to, and Randall Cobb's 94 speed, catching and short runs can all help him fill this role. Cobb also scored 93 points for mid-line running, 92 points for spectacular catches and 92 points for traffic catches to make the game smoother.

    Robert Quinn (ROLB) 95 OVR
    Having a strong player among the guards can make defense truly frightening, and Robert Quinn is about to score 97 points in Power Moves to set the tone for the game. He scored 95 in game recognition, 94 in Tucker, 91 in Finesse Moves, and 90 in Acceleration, which will make his defense on the court even better.

    Tashaun Gipson Sr (SS) 95 OVR
    If you want someone to have an impact on defense, Gipson Sr is a good choice because he has 92 speed and 95 acceleration, unparalleled agility. Gipson Sr also scored 93 points in game recognition, 94 points in area coverage, and an astonishing 95 points in pursuit. MUT players can jump to the ultimate team mode and use the earned Cheap Madden 21 Coins to buy players and build an online battle lineup.