Madden 21: Brees and Kamara Receive New MUT Cards

  • The most popular game mode Ultimate Team (MUT) in the longest-running sports video game series began ten years ago. The online mode provides fans with the opportunity to create a "dream team". Madden players can buy Madden 21 Coins to build their own MUT team, thereby building a team that can compete with other online MUT players. Now, let's take a look at the latest and two cards in the game. Drew Brees' MUT 21 tribute card and Alvin Kamara's MUT 21 limited edition card.

    Drew Brees, QB, total score of 99
    On March 17, a few days after announcing his retirement after 20 NFL seasons, EA SPORTS Madden 21 issued a special tribute card for QB Drew Brees. The packaging of the 99 OVR card is only available for 48 hours, enabling Brees to fully upgrade from its 93 Total MUT21 Series 3 Redux card.

    Brees' attribute enhancements include +5 throwing power, all accuracy improvements of +7 or higher, and a substantial increase in throwing power and throwing. The tribute card should be a fun to use when starting QB, because it has incredible accuracy attributes, and has the ability to throw depth and run. The Drew Brees MUT 21 Tribute card is currently available for purchase on the auction house, and it is 516K MUT Coins on the PC.

    Alvin Kamara, RB, 98 overall
    This limited-edition Alvin Kamara card is the seventh MUT card of AK's Madden 21. Kamara's last card came from MUT's Christmas promotion "Maddens of Madden", where he won 95 "Ghost of Madden Present".

    The new limited edition Kamara is an upgrade of his last promotional card, but it does not have the above-mentioned significant improvement of Brees. Kamara's 98 total cards include 98 Break Tackle and Juke Move attributes. However, the most impressive attribute of the newly released card may be Kamara's 97-level "change of direction." Versatility is the key to the Kamara game, and if you can buy Madden 21 Coins and then add this limited edition card to the team, it will be the key to the MUT team.