Path of Exile Outlines Balance Pass Ahead of Ultimatum

  • Ultimatum is the latest expansion of Path of Exile, only a few days away from its release on PC on April 16. But before the release, the Grinding Gear Games team outlined some of the balance changes they wanted to introduce. Now, POE Currency will be able to play a more effective role.

    The team pointed out that they hope to rebalance the game mechanics related to the new blood-themed skills and Vaal skills. They also aim to reduce the power of certain mechanisms that occupy almost the entire game room in the meta-game, and relative to the team’s vision, they are OP. The Atlas passive tree is also changing. The Blood Magic Support gems are now two separate gems. There are some new passive clusters on the passive skill tree specifically for physical damage. You can purchase POE Currency to build them. Corrupted blood is no longer considered bleeding damage.

    Other changes in Path of Exile include Blade Storm, which now increases the multiplier for bleeding damage in the bloodline state. The cost of skills has also undergone some changes. As the team said: "Skills can now specify the resources they use. Therefore, statistics can specify whether they will affect all costs/reserves or a certain combination. For example, the eminent decree of justice among the Templars now reduces skills Mana consumption, not knowing that the brilliance of fatigue will affect all skill costs."

    In addition to Vaal skills gaining a balanced pass, Atlas Passives has also undergone some changes. Some of the more general balance changes include the trembling of the off-hand, the body armor of the physical explosion, the harvest of monster life, black magic, sextile poisoning, fossil and beast lacerations, Atlas mission maintenance, the number and rarity of sustainable items .

    In the recent news, Path of Exile 2 received a lengthy game video trailer. The video shows bows and spears, and frankly, they look great. Now is the beginning of Ultimatum's release, and it is also the best time for you to Buy POE Currency.