Path Of Exile Player Says They Were Banned For Using Necessary

  • The accessibility of games has become a hot topic. Many large games have become more inclusive. This is a good thing for gamers and the entire community, but it seems to bring some new problems. One of the problems is that players are forbidden from entering the Path of Exile due to the use of necessary macros that the developer believes should not be allowed. If you want to have more strength in the path of exile, then you can Buy POE Currency.

    Some players described how Path of Exile prohibits them from using macros. In this topic, they explained the macro methods that need to be used due to the disability caused by industrial accidents. For those who may not know, a macro is a sequence of events, such as keystrokes, mouse clicks or delays, and these sequences can be played back to help perform repetitive tasks. They can be assigned to buttons to relay sequences that may be difficult to run.

    The user explained: "In the game, you need to refresh the potion buff 4 times every 3-8 seconds. I can't actually press 4 buttons every few seconds, so I used a macro that executes automatically for me." Because of this macro, the user is banned. Users did admit that they were exposed to the game when they started playing the game and were told that any macros that do not allow multiple actions at once are not allowed. However, since it was impossible to actually play the game without macros, and believed that only competitors and streamers would be banned, they decided to continue using macros. Until the recent ban, everything was fine.

    Considering that gaming and accessibility are quite new areas of interest that are attracting the attention of the gaming community, this is an interesting case. However, since this is a new area of interest, there is not much real prior knowledge or information to proceed in this case. Although threads are inevitably locked out of track, some people have posted some comments detailing whether the ban may be wrong or illegal. If you want to experience more features in the Path of Exile, then you can buy POE Currency to get help.