Non-asbestos Gaskets Factory: Where Are The Most Non-asbestos M

  •   Non-Asbestos Gaskets-The removal of asbestos from production materials makes these sheets ideal for steam, oil, and water sealing. We cut out asbestos-free gaskets from all the materials of the major Ring Joint Gaskets Manufacturers,

      Non-asbestos materials

      Just as there are multiple grades of asbestos and used in combination with different rubber compounds, so too are non-asbestos materials. Each fiber can be used as a compressive reinforcement material. Non-asbestos gaskets contain one of many asbestos substitutes. Common non-asbestos fibers include aramid, aramid, glass fiber, and mineral fiber. The combined properties of each fiber and elastomer are different, so a variety of non-asbestos gasket styles are required.

      Non-asbestos materials are often used in the following applications:

      Oil and gas production, automobiles, chemical processing, mining, petrochemicals, oil refining, pulp and paper, power generation, etc.

      No matter which Non-Asbestos Gaskets Factory, the basic knowledge is the filler and elastomer used. It can be said that no two identical compounds (or percentage of fillers) are the same. The basic elastomers are NBR (Buna-N), SBR, EPDM, or neoprene. If you check the required material (specified according to the application) and then choose a non-asbestos gasket material with this elastomer, you will get good results. By using this method, you can now choose a competitive brand to help your application.

      Generally, typical "adhesives" are NBR, SBR, neoprene, and EPDM.

      For simplicity, every material listed will be labeled "Binder" regardless of the manufacturer. This is easy when cross-referencing equivalent materials. It is also important to pay attention to tensile strength (for pressure resistance), temperature rating, and compression/recovery rating.

      For best performance, please also consider the size, temperature, application, medium, pressure, speed (if dynamic) of the specific application.

      For finished gaskets, please consider the bolt load, bolt size, number of bolts, bolt material, and available torque.