Packing Prevents Excessive Leakage, It Does Not Prevent Leakage

  •   What is the packaging?

      FSA-a soft material, cut into multiple rings, inserted into the stuffing box between the rotating or reciprocating parts and the pump or valve body

      ASME-a deformable material used to prevent or control the passage of fluid between surfaces that move relative to each other

      API-dynamic seal

      Packaging basic materials

      Vegetable fiber (flax, cotton, hemp), mineral fiber (asbestos), Teflon, aramid (Nomex, Kevlar), carbon yarn, graphite yarn, glass fiber, lubricant (mica, graphite, grease, PTFE, silicone resin, oil, etc.), metal (lead, copper, Inconel, aluminum)

      Where is the packing of Gasket Suppliers used?

      Centrifugal/reciprocating/rotating pumps and valves

      Industry: papermaking, petrochemical, steel, marine, oil refinery, mining, etc.

      Sealing: steam, water, acid, alkali, solvent, oil, and gas

      What does it do?

      Packing prevents excessive leakage, it will not prevent leakage!

      Special packaging

      Polyamide packaging, PTFE synthetic packing, graphite synthetic packing

      How does Gland Packing Manufacturer customize packaging: Tell us what you need, and we will get it for you

      Zigzag filled graphite-filled PTFE and Kevlar filler> A filler that combines chemical resistance, good heat transfer, and inherent pressure resistance and extrusion resistance. Operating temperature: 260°C, pressure: 500 psi, shaft speed: 3800 fpm

      PTFE graphite with Kevlar angle, suitable for high circumferential speed applications-paper mill raw material pumps, agitators, etc. Temperature: 271°C, pressure: 500 psi, shaft speed: 1970 fpm

      Zigzag graphite-filled PTFE and PTFE filaments> The filler adds heat and shaft speed functions to 910. Working temperature: 288°C, shaft speed: 3800 fpm, pressure: 500 psi