How to choose the right gasket?


      How to choose the right gasket?

      In order to obtain sufficient sealing, we need to consider how to choose the right gasket from the best Kammprofile Gaskets Suppliers based on the following factors:

      Material selection: The gasket material should be selected to withstand the temperature/pressure range and the chemical characteristics of the fluid medium in operation.

      Sealing stress: We must apply the right pressure to properly seal the gasket. The pressure should be limited to prevent the gasket from being crushed due to excessive compression, and the gasket can fill the defects of the flange under compression.

      Sealing force: In order to avoid any leakage, sufficient pressure should be applied to the gasket to make it fully contact the flange surface.

      Surface finish: The finished surface of the flange should be compatible with the gasket so that the gasket can provide a good seal.

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