Ring Joint Gaskets are the ideal choice

  •   In terms of flange connection, Ring Joint Gaskets is an increasingly popular choice. In some applications, Ring Joint Gaskets are a good substitute for convex surfaces. Usually, higher pressure and temperature projects use ring joints. They provide more effective sealing solutions for key media pipelines and pressure vessel infrastructure. Although they are only an option among ANSI/ASME flanges, they are standard surface seals required in API specification flanges. This is because API flanges generally operate at higher pressures compared to ANSI/ASME flanges.

      The sealing of Ring Joint Gaskets occurs under the force of closing bolts and hardware after one flange is mated with another flange. Generally, gaskets are made of a softer material than the metal of the flange they seal. The most common of these materials is soft iron. Slow and steady pressure on the flange hardware will "crush" the gasket in the ring joint surface. This helps prevent any type of leakage during the operation of the flange assembly.

      Ring Joint Gaskets are indicated by the "R" number. R washers are available in oval and octagonal configurations. Taking into account the smooth sealing surface of the ring joint surface, the two configurations can actually be interchanged.

      When in doubt, higher pressure and temperature applications often require ring joint faces. When the best surface seal is required, Ring Joint Gaskets are the ideal choice.

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