Plastic Garden Sprayer Maintenance

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      Leaving chemicals in the plastic garden sprayer for too long can cause residues to damage the sprayer and plants. This is the way to keep the chemical sprayer in its best condition.

      Empty the mixture immediately after each use. If you fill the water tank with water, you may have to spray the yard twice.

      Rinse the residue with detergent or ammonia. You can leave this cleaning solution in the sprayer overnight.

      Clean the nozzle and accessories.

      Spray half of the water tank with hot clean water. This will remove stubborn residue.


      When using harsh chemicals in a sprayer, you should seriously consider safety. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

      Research before mixing chemicals.

      Wearing long sleeves and pants can protect the skin.

      It is strongly recommended to wear protective glasses and masks.

      Before turning on the nebulizer, depressurize it.

      Do not use chemical sprayers around children or pets.

      Before spraying, please remove all toys from the yard.

      Avoid spraying on windy days. Chemicals may reach unidentified plants or neighbors’ yards.

      Wash your hands and clothes immediately after using the chemical sprayer.

      If you sprayed pesticides in an edible garden, please wash the harvested fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating.

      Do not dump chemicals in the yard, flowers, garbage, or even the sewer. Please refer to the manufacturer's disposal recommendations, or contact your local health or environmental department.

      Use plastic garden sprayer in a smart way

      You do not need to use chemicals in the agricultural mist sprayer. You can fill it with different types of cleaning solutions ranging from dilute vinegar to degreaser.

      Although garden sprayers are not as powerful as high-pressure washers, they can easily wash off cars, siding, or driveways.

      Use the engine to cut off the grease on almost all objects.

      Dye the fence or deck by installing a paint filter on the spray boom.

      According to reports, some homeowners use garden sprayers to wash their hair in their houses.