You Can Use A Plastic Garden Sprayer To Treat Weeds

  •   As a herbicide after emergence, a plastic garden sprayer uses herbicide to kill weeds and bushes. The active ingredient is 41% ultra-concentrated glyphosate, which is used for mixing to kill large areas of weeds. The product kills plants from top to bottom, removing them permanently from the lawn. Herbicides are transported through plants and inhibit enzymes needed for plant survival and growth. Glyphosate will not penetrate into the soil, nor will it affect other nearby plants through the soil.


      Wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and safety glasses to prevent chemicals from splashing into your skin or eyes.


      Place the plastic sheet on the ideal plant near the weed treatment area.


      Measure and pour 3 tablespoons of water scavenger into a plastic garden sprayer for general annual weed control, or use 5 tablespoons of herbicide for tough weeds and brushes. Add water from the garden hose to the 1-gallon mark on the water tank while swirling the contents to thoroughly mix the herbicide. Place the cap on the water tank sprayer and turn it clockwise to seal it. Pump the handle up and down to increase air pressure to the air tank. Spray unwanted weeds from the top down until the herbicide completely covers all leaves and stems.


      Measure the same amount of product in the agricultural mist sprayer as the can sprayer. Do not add any water to the attachment at the end of the hose. Screw the sprayer clockwise to the end of the garden hose and set the dial to 1 1/2 ounces (for general weed control) or 2 1/2 ounces (for killing hard brushes and weeds). Turn the numbered dial to align with the arrow on the top to display the flow rate. Open the garden hose and squeeze the trigger. Walk at a moderate speed, and then spray the solution on a large area (such as a garden or lawn repair area) in a sweeping way.


      Unscrew the cap of the manually triggered sprayer counterclockwise. Measure and add 2 teaspoons of concentrate to control general weeds, or add 1 tablespoon for hard brushes and grasses. Add 24 ounces of water to the sprayer, close the lid and shake the sprayer to mix the contents. Squeeze the trigger repeatedly to spray single weeds, vines, and undesirable plants. Soak all the weeds thoroughly from top to bottom until they are completely soaked.


      After spraying the weeds or brushes, remove the plastic sheeting from the plants.