High efficiency of Rechargeable Battery Sprayer

  •   Rechargeable Battery Spray

      Our Rechargeable Battery Sprayer can be widely used for any spraying work that requires a solution to cover the entire surface.

      The product has the advantages of accurate positioning, long-range of action, good sterilization effect, and saving disinfection products by spraying a large area on the non-porous surface. It is safe for the operator. The diameter of the droplets is small, but the number is large, the distribution is even, and they stay in the air for a longer time, which can more effectively clean and disinfect the area.

      The device can coat or cover up to 40,000sf in a single full tank, saving time and manpower. Sprays less liquid and effectively and evenly covers a larger surface area.

      The sprayer of the Electrostatic Sprayer Supplier adds a positive charge to the solution discharged from the equipment. It is attracted and surrounds the negatively charged surface it points to.

      If spraying any chemicals or disinfectants, appropriate PPE protection devices should be used. Please refer to the chemical product requirements you are using.

      Product specifications:

      Fine atomization-The nozzle diameter of the electrostatic sprayer is relatively thin, and the mist sprayed is 4 times that of the traditional sprayer. The spray is good, to achieve the effect of saving pesticides.

      Lithium-ion battery-high capacity, low internal resistance, high current discharge, no memory effect, can be used for charging and discharging at any time. Stable performance, long cycle life, continuous charging. The highly intelligent protection circuit design can prevent the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, overheating, or short circuit, etc.

      Strong adsorption capacity-electrostatic spray and the surface to form an electric field. The spray is attracted to the surface and adheres by completely enveloping the surface

      high efficiency

      Easy to use