Portable hand sprayer is the easiest to operate in the entire p

  •   What is a portable hand sprayer?

      Unlike industrial-grade machines that require a separate external compressor, pump, or turbine unit, the Portable hand sprayer integrates both the motor and the paint container into the spray gun itself.

      One hand is light enough to start the turbine or hydraulic pump by gently squeezing the trigger installed on the handle. The paint is then atomized and ejected from the nozzle of the spray gun.

      These power tools (including power supply and battery) are the easiest to operate in the entire painting field, and they are also the most popular tools for DIY consumers.

      Why choose a Portable hand sprayer?

      Electric sprayers can be divided into two categories: handheld and external power devices (including hydraulic devices, turbine devices, and pneumatic devices).

      Why choose the former instead of the latter?

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