Solenoid Valve Manufacturer's variable area flowmeter is also c

  •   When our application is simple and we need an economical solution, the variable area flow meter is the best choice. Know why this happens.

      "Variable area flow meters, because sometimes the most complex flow meters are not the most useful"

      Imagine if we have an application that only needs to get flow indications, then mechanical equipment is enough, we don’t need any type of electronic transmitters or indicators (although we can merge them if needed), and we Looking for economic solutions.

      Here are variable area flowmeters!

      Solenoid Valve Manufacturer's variable area flowmeter is also called "rotor flowmeter". They are simple flow meters, but effective for measuring the flow of liquids, gases, or steam.

      Working criteria:

      This type of flow meter consists of a float in a tapered tube. The fluid flows upward through the tapered tube, forcing the float to a position with enough free area to allow the fluid to pass through. The free area is related to the flow rate, the weight of the float, and the density and viscosity of the fluid.

      The pressure drop of the Plastic Rotameter remains constant throughout the flow range because it is related to the density of the fluid and the weight and size of the float. Since the area of ​​the flow increases with the increase of the flow, the flow indication can be realized.


      This is why this type of measurement principle is called "variable area".