Application Of High Pressure Solenoid Valve

  •   Application of High-Pressure Solenoid Valve

      Common applications of High-Pressure Solenoid Valve for domestic and industrial use include:

      The refrigeration system uses solenoid valves to reverse the flow of refrigerants. This contributes to cooling in summer and heating in winter.

      The irrigation system uses solenoid valves with automatic control functions.

      Dishwashers and washing machines use solenoid valves to control water flow.

      The air conditioning system uses solenoid valves to control air pressure.

      Solenoid valves are used in automatic lock systems for door locks.

      Medical and dental equipment uses solenoid valves to control fluid flow, direction, and pressure.

      The water tank usually uses a solenoid valve in combination with a float switch to control the inflow or outflow of water.

      Wash the car to control the flow of water and soap.

      Industrial cleaning equipment


      What is the function of a High-Pressure Solenoid Valve?

      Solenoid valves are used to open, close, mix or transfer media in the application. They are widely used in dishwashers, Acrylic Flow Meters, automobiles, and irrigation fields.

      How do you know if your High-Pressure Solenoid Valve is damaged?

      If the solenoid valve cannot be opened or closed, is partially opened, buzzes or the coil burns out, troubleshooting the solenoid valve is required. For more information, see the troubleshooting guide.

      How to choose High-Pressure Solenoid Valve?

      When choosing a solenoid valve, it is important to understand your medium. According to the medium and flow requirements, select the material, orifice size, temperature, pressure, voltage, response time, and certification required for the application. For more information, see the solenoid valve selection guide.