The Plastic Rotameter is placed vertically in the fluid system,


      Flowmeter or Plastic Rotameter is an instrument used to measure the linear, non-linear, mass or volume flow of liquid or gas. It is the most widely used Plastic Rotameter because it has the advantages of low cost, simplicity, pressure reduction, relatively wide range capability, and linear output. They are also easy to install and maintain.

      In operation, the Plastic Rotameter is placed vertically in the fluid system, with the smallest diameter end of the tapered flow tube at the bottom. This is the fluid inlet. The float, usually spherical, is located in the flow tube. When fluid is introduced into the pipe, the float rises from its initial position at the inlet, allowing the fluid to pass between it and the pipe wall. As the float rises, more and more fluid flows through the float because the diameter of the tapered tube is increasing. Ultimately, the flow area is large enough to allow the entire volume of fluid to flow through the point of the float. This flow area is called an annular channel. The float is now fixed at that height inside the tube because its weight is supported by the fluid forces that caused it to rise.

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