Water Rotameter can be calibrated to measure almost any gas or

  •   Water Rotameter is the most economical and reliable flow measuring instrument. In various configurations, the Water Rotameter can be designed to withstand high pressure, corrosive fluids, and high temperatures, and is completely unaffected by factors affecting electronic meters.

      Water Rotameters can be calibrated to measure almost any gas or liquid because their operating principles are simple and easy to understand. The flow indication of the Water Rotameter is obtained from the balance of the force of the fluid with the float under gravity.

      This is done by using a uniformly tapered tube, afloat with a diameter almost the same as the inner diameter of the tube at the inlet, and a scale associated with the height of the float. The flow tube is traditionally placed in a vertical position, with fluid entering from the bottom, forcing the float up in the tube until there is enough annular opening between the float and the pipe to allow the total volume of fluid to flow through the float. At this time, the float is in the equilibrium position, and its height is proportional to the flow velocity.

      With this in mind, many simple factors that affect flowmeter performance are easy to understand. For example, increasing the density and weight of the float will require a higher flow rate to force the ball to any height in the tube. In addition, it is easy to see that any fluid change caused by temperature or pressure will affect the position of the float. This is especially true for compressible gases, which are therefore greatly affected by operating pressure. Research over the years has produced many related equations or methods for correcting gas density, pressure, temperature, and viscosity. Some of the more common formulas are shown below.

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