Your Air manometer is not suitable for oxygen, why?


      Your Air manometer is not suitable for oxygen, why?

      Our Air manometers should not be used with oxygen because they may leave oil and grease in the manufacturing process. These are common hydrocarbons. They react violently and can cause explosions, fires, and personal and property injuries. Special cleaning is required to remove all hydrocarbons for oxygen service. Our dry and liquid-filled general-purpose meters must not be used in oxygen systems or other oxidizing media.

      When the internal components are made of brass and copper alloys that can withstand higher temperatures, why is your meter rated for the only 140°F?

      Our Air manometers are rated at 140°F because they have plastic lenses. For higher temperature applications, laminated safety glass should be used because it can reduce the possibility of breaking the Bourdon tube when it ruptures.

      The glycerine-filled pressure gauge is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.