Selection range of Shock-proof pressure gauge


      For safety purposes, the shock-proof pressure gauge should be selected so that the maximum working pressure does not exceed 75% of the maximum scale value of the steady-state pressure or 65% of the maximum scale value of the cyclic pressure.

      When using dangerous pressure media such as oxygen, acetylene, combustible substances, and toxic substances, you need to choose a shock-proof pressure gauge with additional safety measures such as a rear purge device. These safety measures ensure that any leaks or bursts of pressure components will not harm anyone in front of the scale.

      The entire instrument prone to sustained mechanical vibration is usually filled with oil or glycerin. This is the case with Shock-proof pressure gauges used in high-pressure washers.

      In rapid pulse pressure, such as by placing a shock-proof pressure gauge through a reciprocating pump, orifices are usually used to balance pressure fluctuations and provide an average reading. In this way, unnecessary wear of the instrument gear can be avoided, thereby prolonging the service life of the instrument. As time goes by, it is normal for the shock-proof pressure gauge to wear out.

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