Overview of Shock-proof pressure gauge

  •   Overview of Shock-proof pressure gauge

      The shock-proof pressure gauge is suitable for places with severe environmental vibration. It can withstand the pulsation, impact, and sudden unloading of the medium, and the shock-proof pressure gauge indicates stability and clear. With good anti-vibration performance, it is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electric power, and other sectors, especially suitable for working environments with mechanical vibration and medium pulsation.

      Shock-proof pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid, gas, steam, and other media that have no explosion hazard, no crystallization, no solidification, and no corrosion to copper alloys. The shell of the Shock-proof pressure gauge is filled with damping fluid to reduce the vibration of the external environment. There is a damper at the interface. Before the pulsating medium enters the elastic sensitive element, it is filtered by the damper to ensure the normal operation of the vibration-resistant pressure gauge. And the accurate reading of the observer.

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