Rsgoldfast - The Adventurer head to Wise Old Man

  • The Adventurer then heads into RuneScape gold the bedabin camp in which he recalls beginning the Desert Trasure Quest. Oh godness, I believed you for dead! Well, I am not, I was wondering have you ever heard of a publication named Fairy Tales? Oh yes, I had it not too long ago, but I needed to sell it so as to purchase water. Who did you sell it to. Ali Morison. I was afraid you'd say that

    Would you be intersted in purchasing anything? Option 1: Option 2: NoOption 3: I do not understand. Option 3 results: Exactly what are you searching for? A book called Fairy Tales. If I'd know you wanted it Adventurer I would not have sold it into that mysterious old man. Mysterious Old man? Yes, an odd fellow who apparently has a likeing for books, and odd things he finds around runescape.

    The Adventurer head to Wise Old Man. Oh Bogget, I seem to have lost my pet dragon. You pet. . .what? My pet monster, he was just here a moment ago. . .can you find him for me? Option one: If I do will you inform me about the book Fairy Tales Opion 2: No way! That book. . .oh yes I have it here somewhere, I'll deffinity let you have a glance at it in case you find my pet dragon. Choice 1: Very well Choice 2: No Way!

    Search bookcases to find snow, use snow WOM. OH dear, it appears like the Snow Queen has stolin Spot. Your pet dragon is called Spot?? Oh never mind that, the Snow Queen? Yes she lives deep in the hills near Trollheim, she had been so jealous I have high enough summoning to have a pet monster, I should known she'd come and steal him. I guess I will get going to trollheim to find Spot.

    The Adventurer then finds him self trudgeing through the snow encrusted mountains of trollheim close to the place she discovered the trollweiss to get Ug's love intrest. A cut scean reveals our hero being captured by snow imps and hauled into the Snow Queen's lair. She asks why you're traspassing and buy runescape 3 gold you tell her your story. Her guards will dismiss things such as capes, rings of recoil, magical amulets, potions, and food.