Rsgoldfast - it's simple and watchable

  • If someone is dumb enough to RuneScape gold pay extra money for a product then it is worth then let them becuase its stops us from trading cash or things to other accounts that we might have and also limits us heavly to give items or cash as gifts or loans to other people. Thats my opinon about the new commerce system and I know alot of people would agree with me that argument.

    However proving 3D it's simple and watchable. Alot of other mmorpgs have a much stronger graphics construct but can take alot longer to load. As I have observed from playing many previous games like world of warcraft; runescape is payed out heavly and can be utilized within an offence announcement.

    Most of the folks who say things like this are those who judge matches on there pictures as well as becuase as many people know there are millions of noobs on runescape everyday. Only a couple of tweek to the games graphics could enhance it alot more such as if the sqauring was blended from the floor. I know that matters like the ground squaring reveals players possible places to stand but the match would be more appealing to remove things like that.

    The game could be drag and improve in a higher audience too if it had a in game email system which enables people to send meesages, items and money to anyone in any world which are offline or online. This will increase runescape economics and assist in money gain and alt charater building and lots of other things. It would also assist the expansive exchange if it were linked to it.

    The Grand Exchange (TGE) proved very useful and was one of the greatest upgrades in runescape it enables runescape players to buy and sell faster and reduces spam in runescape overall, this helps people make money ALOT faster. Non members just get 2 open slots where as members get 6 in total that's a significant disadvantage to non members who want to sell lots of items. TGE will be better to use in my opinon if you were able to see all of the supplies avalible available together with cheap OSRS gold the name of this user selling the item.