Rsgoldfast - I was a good starting point for Myreque

  • Perhaps I can be more helpful, I know that RuneScape gold I was a good starting point for Myreque. It could be fantastic. First The Inn requires some attention. Go to the Inn and Talk to the Innkeeper. Hey there, (Player Name). What brought you back to Burgh De Rott, what brings you to the Inn? Florin advised me to fix up the Inn. What should I do? To put these old pumps in, we could use approximately 8 cups of asgardian ale.

    8 glasses of Asgardian ale for the Innkeeper Innkeeper says: I'll make sure to fill it. The pumps are filled by Innkeeper. Innkeeper says, "Now the wall back here is all down on the floor." To fix the walls, we'll need about 25 planks, and 50 nails.

    You can attach the planks, nails, saw, and hammer to the wall by having nails, planks, saw, and hammer available in your inventory. Innkeeper: The wall is looking better. Now I'm in need of a new apron. I will need an apron made of molten glass and glassblowing pipes. Bring all of that to the bank of North. Give your items to the innkeeper.

    The walls at the bottom of Myreque remain a challenge. I'll require five planks and 25 nails of steel to accomplish this. The Innkeeper should be given the items he asked for. Innkeeper: I'm okay. Take this. 500gp will be given to you by the owner of the inn. Innkeeper: Talk to the man in the bank.

    To continue your quest, visit the bank. Hello there! (Player Name). Your efforts have made the town more pleasant. This dreary, old broken glass is making me sad. It's okay I'm here to fix it. What do you need to do it? To fix this, I'll need two pieces of Molten glass. There are 2 planks, and 25 nails to buy rs 3 gold fix the glass's booth.