The action bar will always be an integral part of RuneScape

  • It's all about ability and rs07 fire cape the right strategy. I believe that the PVP group will have a great experience mastering it, and discovering new ways to use it that we haven't thought of before.

    Be bold but not too traditional. In reality, we're getting close to 200 million accounts created! This is a massive number, and, while we'd like to make an exciting, exciting new Combat experience - we don't want to turn RuneScape into something that's unrecognisable to everyone.

    First of all first, the new combat capabilities are a development of the previous special attack system. The major difference is that you now have a range of Basic attacks that help you generate the adrenaline needed to use more powerful abilities, rather than simply waiting for a special attack bar to replenish over time. It's possible to kill faster if the new mechanics are utilized. But the adrenaline still builds up and you'll have access to Threshold or Ultimate capabilities if that's what you prefer.

    The action bar will always be an integral part of RuneScape. But, it is not mandatory to engage with it. If you'd like to use RuneScape exactly the same way as before, you can. In fact, it'll even be possible to reduce the action bar to preserve the user interface.

    We've also stuck to our roots that are freedom of choice. We're proud of the fact there is no requirement to be a specialist in RuneScape. We also do not plan to develop a class system to lock out games based on your choices made when you first created an account. We can't reveal too much just yet however, we're working on some really exciting changes to ensure that, regardless of how you build your character, you'll have an array of options for combat that are available to you. Keep an eye out for osrs inferno cape buy more details in a future Og Blog!