RuneScape - The next day i get up and realize

    Everyone has a favourite game or rs 2007 gold level of development, so if 07scape is what you want to play rather than the current version, then go for it. Many people believed the same thing however, while the initial rush of "OMG I miss this so deeply" was still evident, it's more likely that the engines have changed. But, the community has evolved irrevocably.

    There are things that they've lost or have changed in irreparable ways in RS2 & EOC, but not without some good additions or improvements, personally i find 07 graphics depressing, but they were reasonable considering the time. The main thing you, and everyone else, must determine is whether you would like to remain playing the game that you've played fondly, or watch the game grow, as much as some of that growth may be ugly mutations.

    Hi everyone I've got a hilarious story to share about my ban experience. There's a chance that you'll laugh, and others may feel awful, but I don't know. I was furious that I was given a 24-hour ban because I didn't do anything wrong. I was banned for botting and was given a small macroing ban. I'm not sure how bot lmao. I figured i wont bother appealing it because it was only a day so i went on with my business.

    The next day i get up and realize that my bank is all messed up...YES JAGEX removed many of my valuable items as punishment... actually an unbelievable amount. I was mad, but I could not quit playing. Soon after I looked at my statistics, I noticed that my 99 woodcutting is now at 97, and my 90 mining is now 89. My other stats are at minimum two levels... except the thief... that remains at 99 ,.... Now I am completely furious.

    I guess i have a lot of work to do...anyways in the end, the third thing they did which was probably the thing that pis*&d me off the most was that my entire bank account was re-adjusted and no longer in order...OCD kicked in...they dont know how long it was to buy RuneScape gold get it set up lmao!