RuneScape - You will die if you don't turn on Protect from Magi

  • Mage has a strong defense and RuneScape gold you should be able to range him. Zanik is also able to take on him. At 2/3 health, Zanik will leap to your platform and attack you with melee. He will make fun of your efforts and throw a Smoke Blitz at 1/3 health. Zanik leaps up into the air in front of you and gets hit. Wyvoch becomes teleportable. You and Oldak rush Zanik back to Dorgeshkan and begin treating her poison.

    Oldak will assure you that Zanik will improve over time, she just needs some time. You can visit Thaerisk at Falador Castle to learn that Lucien was found. It was discovered that there is an island located north of the wilderness. Teleportation to it would be too dangerous as there will likely exist antiteleportation spells. Therefore, you'll need build a vessel using 14 planks and 200 nails of any kind. You will find a spot for your boat to be launched near the Rogues Castle. It will be there for you by the White Knights so that you have room to eat.

    Get on the boat and then head towards the middle of the island and find the place where Hazeel, Zemouregal, Enakhra, and Lucien are all gathered. Lucien will be alerted to the presence of you and will strike to show his fellow comrades his new powers.

    You will die if you don't turn on Protect from Magic. A cutscene starts at the point that Lucien is at 50 percent health. Lucien hinders you from praying and beats you. Then, Summer Bonde from Spirit of Summer will appear to bring your prayer back, and talk about how you should never lose hope in the face of danger.

    Lucien is mocked by the Mahjarrat group for being held back by the ghost of an eight year old girl. Lucien will attack Summer and then send her running. The White Knights will teleport you into buy RS gold the area and then pull you out and take heavy losses.