There's still no confirmation of its roll-out for FIFA 22

  • "What we noticed with Preview Packs was that FIFA 22 Coins we observed more new players coming into Ultimate Team, and we witnessed a greater conversion rate for these new players around buying packs and participating in the digital ecosystem," said Wilson."Our teams are going to continue to seek out interesting ideas, novel, creative and inventive ways to enable players to be more engaged in the digital world, and Preview Packs are one of those instances."

    While these Preview Packs were released as a Time-limited program It appears EA might make it a permanent feature, although there's still no confirmation of its roll-out for FIFA 22.The Bureau of the FIFA Council has approved a change to the Men's International Match Calendar in response to the disruptions that have been caused by COVID-19.

    Following the postponement of the South American qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup 2022? scheduled to take place in March 2021, CONMEBOL requested that the two matches affected be recovered by having triple matchdays for September 2021 and the month of October 2021, and also adding three more release days.

    With regard to the specific situation due to the unique circumstances faced, taking into consideration the specific circumstances, Bureau of the Council decided in a unique and exclusive manner for South America to facilitate the participation of an extra match within each window by allowing two more release days.

    The added two days allow for adequate rest and preparation time between matches, highlighting the longer distances to travel in both directions to and within South America, thus safeguarding player health and wellbeing by reducing negative effects of this hectic schedule. The schedule will also allow for an equal competition as well in a quicker return to cheap FUT 22 Coins clubs of the players who are involved.