IGVault Tips to Making Path of Exile Currency

  • Exalted Orbs can drop randomly from mobs, chests, etc. from practically any zone; I don't believe they are limited to maps or other higher-tier zones.

    Keep playing the game

    Of course, this is the most basic requirement. If you can't play the game continuously, it is almost impossible to get top items in the game, because this is a slow project that requires a lot of time and energy.

    Currency flipping

    A very good method of farming Exalted Orbs in PoE is exchanging lower grade currency with other players. The price for the exalted orb depends on the league that you are playing in. It is important to do it with players, not NPC’s. While selling your lower-tier currency to NPC, you will not get much profit.

    Currency flipping is very useful when you do not want to craft gear on your own and just buy everything from other players.


    The more you play, the more currency you will earn. The first method I used is to map, then map Alch and run them. I can run about 3,000-4,000 maps in each league. The least I invest in each map is a map, alchemy ball. In the worst case, this is a bunch of chaotic balls to relocate the modifier, and then I will make sure that I get more revenue than I am on the map. The investment in this is even more. The higher the investment, the more profit you will get.

    Endgame maps

    As the name of this method suggests, it is primarily for high-level characters, but you should not really worry about farming exalted orbs while beginning your journey with Path of Exile. Even if some drop while you’re just clearing out mobs, you still should use them sparingly and wait till your char is a bit more leveled up.

    So how to begin with map-farming and not lose hours trying? First of all, you need access to the Templar Laboratory, which becomes available after finishing Act 10. There, you need to place the map inside of a map device, which consumes the main item and creates a randomized instance, just like a dungeon in most online games.


    To do this method, you need a bit more than average knowledge about item value and which mods are desirable, but it’s possible to do it with simple items as well.

    Buy rare items with 1 prefix or 1 suffix open and no crafted mod on it. If you find ring with 65 life, 2 resistance mods and mana mod. The ring has open suffix – it means you could craft say Strength or Dexterity or even more resistance on that ring. After you craft the mod on ring and relist it in Trade site with higher price, now it will potentially show up on more specific searches that it didn’t before.

    Flip Items

    Any player familiar with trading can potentially make thousands of Chaos Orbs in currency by flipping items. This can work in a variety of ways, but the most common tactic is to purchase items that are undervalued and sell them for a higher asking price. Flipping items can also include completing Prophecies that grant higher-value items or purchasing key fragments to run endgame bosses that drop items infinitely more valuable. This tip is mainly dependent on current league trends, so keep an eye out for any strange economy patterns that can be exploited.

    Grinding Mobs

    Path of Exile sets itself apart once again here, by making taking on a mob of enemies a popular way to grind, which is especially useful for Exalted Orbs. Before you get ahead of yourself, the drop rate is very slim for these Orbs, hence why their value is so high.

    Having said that, its certainly a quicker way than the previous method. Plus, there are also areas in which the drop rate is much higher than others. For example, places like the Burial Chambers have a much higher drop rate than others. There is also the Uber Elder for when you get later into the game.

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