I am not sure what's more annoying to see


    Thought it was quite disappointing. Rumoured Zelda set get Animal Crossing Items skyward sword. Rumoured Star Wars Republic Commando and KOTOR 1/2 get free internet game.

    No ports of rumoured franchises like tomb raider, House of the deceased, GTA, Arkham.

    No More Heroes august release, about a year late by this point. Also doesn't look great in trailers seems to get picked up some gameplay elements from the awful Travis strikes again.

    If Square Enix are likely to remake or port everything begin with Final Fantasy 1-6 or Chrono Trigger/Cross.

    Still no themes or OS improvements. No developments to internet offering.

    I can try the Octopath approaches demo and might pick up Skyward sword but not at more than half of its release cost.

    All they needed to do was reveal N64 games Switch Online, and that I would have forgiven them for a lot.

    They milked the hell out of their back catalogue the previous two centuries, but NOW is when they decide to be stingy with it? When we have a method we could play on the move, and are in the midst of a pandemic which has decreased their output of new games?

    The majority of the work was done ; simply port them over. Why are you currently re-releasing that the 3D Zelda game which needs the most work and fewest people care about?

    Why have we not had so much as a sniff of a proper Mario Kart? MK8D is barely any different to MK8, which is nearly 7 years old today. We need a new one way over we want Splatoon 3. Hell, even if they added new DLC to MK8D, I would take that.

    Why is Mario Golf so damn awful? The holes are dead and empty, and the match uses the homogeneous art fashion that New Super Mario Bros. introduced into the detriment of this franchise. So many Mario games seem so bland and lack any type of character today. Look at screenshots of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on Gamecube; they seem far more visually attractive.

    If Mario Golf has (adequate ) online, AND proves to be REALLY great, I may get it. If not, then Pokemon Snap is your sole Switch exclusive declared for this year that I will be purchasing.

    I am not sure what's more annoying to see, the people who exaggerate how awful the guide was or allllllll the smug comments that inevitably come where people discuss"fanciful expectations" and how everyone that's even somewhat disappointed"deserves it" for trusting for over even the bare minimum. Those which feel as though they must shield Nintendo at every turn because it's all our fault we get disappointed, it is not possible that perhaps Nintendo simply failed to impress a large swathe of people because the buy Animal Crossing Bells content they showed was simply not as exciting as it might have been, after such a long time without a general lead.