You would need to kill every Zamorakian

  • If you talk to the man in Zamorak Robes, he will tell you he lost the trophy and the weapon, but for your valiant effort, he will give you 100k along with RS gold a Dragon Longsword. The only way to acquire the actual decoration and weapon is to finish the challenge without going under 20 HP.

    I have been thinking. . .How about assembly Zamorak or Saradomin?This is a new pursuit I believed up.You goes to Sedridor in the Wizard's Tower and talk to him.He will inform you that they were able to make a time portal which could teleport you back into time.They stated they wanted someone to test it out they ask you to go in.You goes from the portal and then you would be hauled to a strange place.

    You'd be in the center of a significant battle and you will find bones and blood everywhere.They transported you to the God Wars!To the right you can view Saradomin's Camp.To the abandoned,Zamorak's Camp.Make the best way into the camp of this God you truly like as soon as you arrive,you will be greeted with guards and then you will ask to speak with their commander.They will require you to the God you chose and then you get to meet the Gods themselves!

    You state you are in the future and that you just went through a time portal.The God would then ask you to take part in a fantastic battle that would end the God Wars forever!You would subsequently appear away from the camp gates using a robust and well-armed army surrounding you.Then that the God would say some epic words such as something in a movie and you and the army and the God would charge at the other military that is also charging at you!

    You would need to kill every Zamorakian or Saradominist you visit with all the military helping you out.Then after that,you would get to satisfy the opposing God then Saradomin and Zamorak would bring up and their prizes and charge at each other.Just as they were about to battle,a bright flash appears and then you would be standing beside Sedridor again.After you had discussed the buy OSRS gold things you saw,a few items associated with this God you served would look out of nowhere.You get to keep the items as a reward.