Meanwhile, I haven't gotten any new expansions

  • Also enhancement: got broken at the start of WOW TBC Classic Gold the expansionwith a tried rework(Legion), were very good for a week because of a bug and bad equipment so nobody scaled nevertheless. Bug got repaired, and we had been in the garbage for the next 3 raids, together with continuous dangling of'we had no time this patchwe guarantee we fix it at another one'.

    It didnt happen in bfa - we sucked there also gameplay wise, we had any raidtiers at which we were middle of the pack instead of bottom third, but thats it. They finally de-reworked the entire spec into a much better version of their pre-legion gamestyle (gameplaywise) and then just never buffed us to be more aggressive in raids. I think they just have some very dedicated designers for a few courses and specs, and those that are constantly forgotten and disregarded just dont have someone who wants it to succeed, so they just get looked at sparingly and receive a 5 percent buff here and there.

    Wait wait wait. I ceased playing back during Cataclysm, which had already been a meme back then cause it was literally at the WOTLK trailer. You mean to tell me it still never got executed? I've kept up only a tiny bit Through the Years and completely forgot about this haha

    As someone who had to give up playing classic as a result of lack of time, it has its flaws, since it's a very old game now, but it did a lot too. It didn't have a whole lot of throwaway pieces. Everything in classic was basically required, in order to function somewhere else in classic. I have not really seen a match with systems that integrated since then.

    Meanwhile, I haven't gotten any new expansions since legion. Why? Since the game keeps chugging along, but I do not feel like it's improved. I didn't even enjoy Legion that far. It was nice, but I wasn't excited. Hilariously, I loved MoP, because I loved the unwanted stuff (but not a lot of the dailies).

    I really don't believe any expansion since MOP really improved on the game. It's basically the same game it's been for quite a while, but using a hard to swallow narrative (I kind of lost track of what occurred after MoP,) new zones, and a few surface level material switched round and buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold discarded after the last expansion. If anything, it keeps gaining difficulties and plot holes.