Adamant pickaxe handle (charge or no cost)

  • Bring a Fishing Rod! After you have reached the Fishing Platform then head over to the southernmost fishing area and cast your line. After catching a few fish you will find Longbow Ben's Golden Peg Leg. He will hand you his peg legs if you return them to him. Bring the RS gold complete set of items to Trader Stan. He will assign you one more task. You have to take down the Sea Serpent who sank a vessel that contained half of his trading goods.

    Find your most powerful range or mage equipment and start sailing on Trader Stan’s Vessel. It has been equipped with 2 cannons, 2 catapults, as well as 2 cannons. There are only 50 Cannon Balls as well as 50 large rocks and 50 Large Rocks, so be sure to utilize them effectively. After the captain has you there, he will direct you to Pirate's Cove. Wait about a minute until the Serpent appears. You only have just a few seconds left to keep him from drowning and you must aim your shots carefully. After the fierce battle, transfer the serpent's head over to the Trader Stan. Congratulations! Congratulations! Quest!

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    Pickaxe handle made of steel (charge or free) - Specializes in silver ore and gold ore. Only loses its charge if it is damaged by an explosion. To recharge it, visit it to the Mining mini-game's reward shop and trade in 30 shards. Take a mix of ten silver ores and gold ores and some money and have Nurmorf or Bob recharge it.

    The handle of the Mithril pickaxe (charge or charge) - Specializes on mithril. It will only lose its charge if it's damaged by an explosive stone. To recharge it, go to it the Mining mini-game's reward shop, and trade 75 shards. Take eleven mithril ores and cash and let Nurmorf or Bob recharge it.

    Adamant pickaxe handle (charge or no cost) - Specializes in adamantite ore. It only loses its charge if it is damaged by an exploding rock. To recharge it, visit it the Mining mini-game's reward shop, and exchange 100 shards. You can also take 11 adamantite ore and cash to buy RuneScape gold Nurmorf and Bob to recharge it.