Edit To those from the other end I would like

  • Though you might have changed the name the aion classic kinah file before, it did not work. There was no indication of what you were changing. There could be a second issue. I don't know exactly what's wrong. However, it worked for me.

    I play from the Netherlands and I have about 100 ping with exitlag. It's very playable and I feel confident and competitive. If you don't plan to be playing for more than 12 days a week then you shouldn't worry about it as you're not competing against top1 percent anyways in that case.

    This was also a wonderful opportunity to engage with the community. The 105k AION used for the prize pool was financed by the Treasury. The community decided to give 25% of the prize pool to the family of SavageMine plus 20k AION to support the family during this time of need.

    You may call me a snowflake or whatever but the open world pvp annoys me more than it did the time I played it 10 years ago. It's most likely due to my experience playing competitive games which have an even playing field and where skill determines who is victorious. I was once like, "Well, just take your licks" and just deal with it. Also, I'd like to mention that I love Aion's pvp and liked higher-level pvp like in tiamaranta's eye or well-organized pvp, like the coliseum. Everyone's together and the game is more competitive.

    But, the importance is like this in pvp, Skills > Gear > Class and being murdered for the hundredth time by a sin/ranger while I'm in the 20% range of hp for farming mobs becomes increasingly annoying. It's hard for me to believe that anyone would be satisfied with destroying people who are too inadequately leveled, not able to compete and poorly equipped. While I understand the need to take that risk in a place where pvpve is a thing there is a sense that many people don't care about actual competition.

    There are times when I've met cool people who have just said hi when we're both just trying to farm, or when a purple fly by me since there's nothing to gain from his attempt to take me down. For every one of those situations there's ten more situations where I get killed or ganked in 1v3 by the twink of a slash, or by a person 10+ levels above me, and for no reason. When I think about it, the reason most people make twinks is gross, just to annoy people they know they will beat easily. This is because most people still level and the only people who can make it happen are the whales or no-lifers. This is how Aion has always been looking back.

    Edit To those from the other end I would like to state that I am able to understand the appeal. I was the twinkler for quite a long time. But, I have lost the appeal and enjoyment of a one-sided dunking.

    Wow My dudes! Aion Classic is flourishing because of players who loved that euro aion classic buy kinah aspect of the game. This is the reason why there are no OWPvPvE OVPvE games.