Raid had issues with me for a few weeks.

  • My in-game FPS limit was set at 60. It made gaming more WOW TBC Gold enjoyable. While it's annoying that you're able see your back at 60 after playing for a while but it's considerably better than the flickering that I experienced.

    So after tweaking my settings and limiting my framerate to 60 I saw a decent amount of flickering as I said in my previous blog post. Though I was convinced it was my GPU however a portion of me believed it was the problem. In other games where my GPU was also being stretched beyond its limits, I would not be having issues. I still do need an upgraded GPU at some point because it's been time to make an upgrade. (I had planned to upgrade my GPU but ...) but I believe that the GPU is in good shape. There aren't any problems with the hardware.

    My issue isn't due to Windows 10's outdated DWM, Desktop Window Manager, or refresh rate code. So when I played WoW, my primary screen needed to sync its rate to that of what my GPU was able to do, which was typically not at 144 FPS, it could then run into an issue. Because my 2nd monitor was with 144hz, the DWM could cause some flickering as it dropped the frames on my main monitor.

    Prior to setting my primary set at 144hz and my secondary running at 60hz, didn't even notice it since DWM did not know, had locked both framerates at 60, which is what it was. I was still experiencing flickering occasionally, but then I realized that any solution was eventually a cause for my in-game FPS decreasing to 60.

    My flicker was then replicated when I made. Even with 0 mods active when I would turn leather scraps into leather, for instance, I would see a slight flicker upon the completion. Now , I have all my mods that I usually use and am having no problems.

    What does a great PC mean? Which resolution are you using? Are you using gsync or freesync? Are you aware of the maximum fps that your display can handle? What refresh rate is your monitor? It could be that the issue is with your computer. What percent load is your GPU performing while playing? What is the percent of load your GPU experiences when playing?

    Raid had issues with me for a few weeks. I was testing addons and was experiencing issues. My issue was solved through disabling details streaming (I thinks that's what it's named, I'm not in my computer right now) You might try that in case you are also using details.

    If you're using Rivatuner Try to turn it off. This caused the game to freeze without with stuttering. I'm using in-game fps cap for now, but there are times when buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold I have stuttering, guessing it's due to add-ons. And it's more prevalent when using multiple clients, as in every 10-20s.