Inspired by the opera-themed encounter in WoW

  • Others have already said this but I'll attempt to frame it differently. If you're doing this for entertainment, then go for it. The choice of the client you use is WOW TBC Gold purely personal. WotLK clients are superior, since they offer access to a range of new tools and may be customized. Content is usually identical, except for talent and capabilities.

    It's not worth your time if you're trying to complete this daunting task to attract an enormous player base. The community isn't awash with custom servers , and even if they did their constant fascination with new releases would result in them consuming the whole server within 3 months when it took about 1+ years to complete.

    Thank you for participating in this discussion. Although I wasn't expecting so many feedbacks it is clear that I'm paying attention to each one. The biggest dilemma is between using Azerothcore and another emulator in order to manage this project and match my philosophy. Even though I'm not yet sure however, I will keep the subject open until I let you know the outcome.

    Wotlk clients are my favorite client as a player simply for their playability. Wotlk is easier to use due to its lower required level mount and levels are faster.

    The story goes as follows: Zeus was thrown out of Olympus by Hera who has taken the crown of Queen of Heavens as Zeus is mostly in self-pity and has gone in a huge trance. They've seen a number of imminent catastrophes, and as worshippers of Gods who are formally allied to Zeus, they will seek out the God of Thunder to stay clear of any of them.

    On this hunt, they've found that a great place to start your search is Sparta, Delphi or Athens. I've put together mini games for these cities, Sparta having Olympic games, Delphi having riddles ,... And i thought I'd add some games to Athens to interact with in some manner.

    Inspired by the opera-themed encounter in WoW: TBC (where you're able to fight and defeat either Romeo or Juliet, the wizard of Oz characters as well as the wolf from the tiny red riding hood), I've decided to use this as the character design for the encounter, or at least the premise for the encounter. As a play of Hamlet, my wife suggested "Amletos prince of Thrace", but I'm still not able to come up with any mechanics.

    I'll be honest, I don't see many films so... I'm likely to buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold wander off the beaten path as well as stuff that's older. I'll write really poor and terribly inadequate summaries since it's been awhile since I've seen these. Even so, hopefully they will give you a good idea of what to swap for if using one of these.