I would like to see more variety of thematic

  • After playing Classic WoW, and then seeing the work that Blizzard put WOW TBC Gold into creating honey-to-do tasks to keep people playing Burning Crusade, with rep farming and heroic Dungeon grinds, it was obvious for me that this game is a hamsterwheel. This wasn't a misgiving of Activision they were all greedy and they needed sub goals.

    If you're not happy with this strategy for playing I'm going to remind those of you who have never liked it , but enjoyed your circumstances at the moment, such as the people you played with or the activities you were involved in. Also, for certain players, this is an excellent formula. I've discovered that the treadmill blizzard was one of my favorites regardless of whether it's Diablo, Classic or even retail. Let it be what it is and not as you believe it is.

    It was definitely an MMO that they came up with and I'm certain that the same kind of thinking was part of the creation of WoW. In 2004, people were not online or texting on the internet to socialize like they do today or even 10 years ago.

    The formula you're referring to is loose and straightforward because it was designed to be hidden through a social exchange which was unheard of, so it always had an effect on the person. They added an extra layer of intrigue I'm sure.

    Truth. That's just how sub games function. The business is enticed to introduce grinds that keep you running. This is the thing I find most amazing about the Ffxiv. It's designed with no time wasted gating they've clearly stated that it's acceptable to remove in the event of a content shortage and that you will not fall behind. They value the time of the user much more than blizzard and realize that if they want to keep the amount of subscribers at a high level, they have to make more good content. If I could be a player in Azeroth with square enix in charge I would gamer nuts all over.

    I would like to see more variety of thematic and meaningful quests. They are essentially copied from "go in search of chests of x" or "go kill the x monster and y" or "go to location "x and engage with "y". Some quests require that you go to an ancient ruin and find me some rivets... or cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold go to the edge of a waterfall, to place an easel. They lack any flavor or meaning for the world. (Of course, some do, for instance, the Pastor Walsh quest line. But it seems that they are uncommon.