I have a number of other comments and suggestions on the game

  • The sport could be OSRS Items drag and improve in a greater audience too if it had a in game email system that allows people to send meesages, items and money to anyone in any world that are offline or online. This will increase runescape economics and help in currency profit and alt charater building and many other things. It would also help the expansive exchange if it had been connected to it.

    Non members just get 2 open slots where as members get 6 in total which is a heavy disadvantage to non members who are looking to sell lots of items. TGE will be better to use in my opinon if you could see all of the supplies avalible available together with the name of the user selling the item.

    I have a number of other comments and suggestions on the game that I will talk about later if anyone has some comments on this little article feel free to leave anything or ask some query. If you would like to contact me though runescape my charaters name is andrewapekin. I hope you enjoyed reading my moderate sized forum post.

    This subject is not going to be elaborate just a lot of boring text. Therefore, in the event that you don't want to read alot then you can leave this article right... NOW! There now that is from the way here we go. The real post starts in 3...2...1... They are all islands. These are only a few islands, and on many islands you will find dungeons, quests, new monsters or some mixture of those three. Now to get to these islands, you have to charter a boat, fly there or teleport there. I've decided, by mass recognition that the skill be known as"Sailing" - I shall leave the survey up just to see your buy RS gold ideas.