The magical attacks are low-level stat decreasing attacks

  • Looks dark blue RuneScape gold and transperant in a way. It mainly uses Water Blast on you, so make sure you've got P.F.M on. Once defeated, it always drops Water Runes, which range from 30-90. For Magic, it is weak against Wind spells and resistant to Fire spells. For Melee, It's weak against Stab and resistant to Chop, Slash, and Block. For Ranged, it is weak against Accurate and resistant to Longrange.

    Using your spade,"dig" spot, and you will fall through. You will now be in an under-ground layer with three chambers. Walk to the next chamber and both skeletons will be there. They are just level 14 and should be easy to kill. They will both drop"unholy keys" Fortunately, when you've got the recommended items, then you're invincible into the melee strikes.

    The magical attacks are low-level stat decreasing attacks, such as confuse and weaken. IF You're ABOVE LEVEL 60 AND CAN EASILY KILL THE GHOST, BY ALL MEANS DO SO!!! Go to the next room where there will ber a large fire beneath the origins of these trees. Go to the west end of this chamber and you willl see a cage comprising father uhrney. Utilize the first unholy key on the lock and the secret will melt.

    Talk to dad uhrney and he'll tell you that you have to cover the key. (If you accidentally burn the key, there'll be a respawn in a chest at the east corner of this room.) "use" the unholy leather on the unholy key, and then use the unholy covered key on the molten lock. This will free daddy uhrney, who will then extinguish the flame with a prayer. Speak to dad uhrney and he will tell you that they captured him for a special package he needed the priest at lumbridge, and he'll also tell him that he sent the bundle to his good friend wizard mizgog in the wizard tower after he Cheap Old School RS Gold heard that his captors were coming .